Instructions to authors
The journal of the Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology “Endocrinologia“ is published in 4 issues per year. It accepts for publication original research articles, case reports, short communications, reviews, opinions on new medical books, correspndence and announcements for scietific events (congresses, symposia, etc) in all fields  of clinical endocrinology. The journal is published in Bulgarian. The detailed abstracts and the titles of the articles, the names of the authors and institutions as well as the text to the illustrations (figures and tables) is printed in Bulgarian and English language. The papers from abroad are priblished ?ex tenso“ in English, with complete or selected  translation in Bulgarian, provided by the Editorial board.
The manuscripts should be submitted in two printed copies, on standard A4 sheets (21/30 cm), double spaced, 60 characters per line, 30 lines per standard page.
The size of each paper should not exceed 10 pages for original research articles, 12 pages for reviews, 3 pages for case reports, 2 pages for short communications, 4 pages for discussions or correspondence on scientific events on medical books or chronicles. The references or illustrations are included in this size (two 9x13 cm figures, photographs, tables or diagrams are considered as one standard page).
The abstracts are not included in the size of the paper and should be submitted on a separate page with 3 to 5 key words at the end of the abstract. They should reflect the most essential topics of the article, including the objectives and hypothesis of the research work, the procedures, the main findings and the principal conclusions. The abstracts should not ex-ceed one standard typewritten page of 200 words.
The basic structure of the manuscripts should answer the following requirements:

Title page
The title of the article, forename, middle initials (if any) and family name of each author; institutional affiliation; name of department(s) and institutions to which the work should be attributed, address and fax number of the corresponding author.

Text of the article
The original research reports should have the following structure: introduction (states the aim, summarizes the rationale for the study), subjects and materials, methods (procedure and apparatus in sufficient detail, statistical methods), results, discussion, conclusions (should be linked with the aims of the study, but unqualified statements not completely supported by research data should be avoided). These requirements are not valid for the other types of manuscripts. Only officially recognized abbreviations should be used, all others should be explained in the text. Units should be used according to the International System of Units (S.I. units). Numbers to bibliographical references should be used according to their enumeration in the reference list.

The figures, diagrams, schemes, photos should be submitted separately from the text (one original and two copies) in size 9 x 13 cm, all of them described on the back side with: consecutive number (in Arabic figures); titles of the article and name of the first author. These should be listed together with the corresponding and informative text in the legend (title, keys to symbols, etc.) on a separate sheet in consecutive order. The tables should be presented on separate sheets with Arabic numbers and informative text above each table. Please do not leave any empty space in the text for illustrations. Show with an arrow in the left margin of the respective page the recommended space for them.

The references should be presented on a separate page at the end of the manuscript. It is recommended that the number of references should not exceed 15-20 titles for the original articles and 30-35 titles for the reviews; 2/3 of them should be published in the last 5 years. References in Cyrillic should be listed first, followed by the Latin ones in the respective alphabetic order. The number of the reference should be followed by the family name of the first author and then his/her initials, names of the second and other authors should start with the initials followed by family names. The full title of the cited article should be written, followed by the name of the journal where it has been published (or its generally accepted abbreviation), volume, year, issue, first and last page. Chapters of books should be cited in the same way, the full name of the chapter first, followed by ?In:“, full title of the book, editors, publisher, town, year, first and final page number of the cited chapter.

Reference to a journal article:
1. McLachlan, S., M. F. Prumel, B. Rapoport. Cell Mediated or Humoral Immunity in Graves’ Ophthalmopathy? J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab., 78, 1994, 5, 1070–1074.
Reference to a book chapter:
2. Delange, F. Endemic Cretinism. In: ?The Thyroid“ Eds. L. Braveman and R. Utiger, Lappingcott Co., Philadelphia, 1991, 942-955.

Submission of manuscripts
The original and one copy of the complete manuscript are submitted together with a covering letter granting the consent of all authors for the publication of the article as well as a statement that it has not been published previously elsewhere and signed by the first author. The Editors will not be responsible fordamages or loss of the papers submitted. Papers returned to the authors for revision and not received back in 60 days it shall be treated as newly submitted manuscripts. Manuscripts of articles accepted for publication will not be returned to the authors.

Address for sending of manuscripts and other editorial correspondence:

Editorial Board:
Clinical Center of Endocrinology and Gerontology
6, D. Gruev Str.
1303 Sofia, BULGARIA
Prof. B. Lozanov (Editor-in-chief)
or Assoc. Prof. Ph. Kumanov (Scientific Secretary)

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