Edited by 
Prof. Bojan Lozanov,
M.D., Ph.D., D.Sci.
Sofia, 2000
TILIA Publishing House
Professor Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House
During the last four decades, Bulgarian medical literature was enriched with a great number of monographs and textbooks devoted to endocrinology and edocrine-metabolic diseases. In this period were published three fundamental textbooks intended to be of help to train specialists in clinical endocrinology. The first of the series, entitled "Endocrinology", under the editorship of prof. Ivan G. Penchev, DMSc, member of the Bulg.Ac.Sci., and founder of the Bulgarian School of Endocrinology, appeared in 1968. It was followed by two editions of "Clinical Endocrinology" - one edited by prof.Ema Bozadjieva, DMSc (1982), and the other - by prof.Dragomir Koev, DMSc (1993). The present, fourth basic book of the series, appears on the eve of the 21st century, after a period marked by outstanding achievements in the development of fundamental endocrinology, as well as in the methods of diagnosing and treatment, of endocrine-metabolic diseases. This circumstance and the equally important need of comprehensive, through and current information on problems relating to endocrinology and borderline fields, closely linked to the latter, define the aims and character of this textbook. In the general part of the book are discussed essential problems relating to synthesis, secretion and transport of hormones, interrelations and rhythm of secretion, genetics and immunology of the endocrine system in health and disease, as well as the basic principles and methods used in contemporary hormonal, functional and imaging diagnostics of endocrine diseases. In the special part under separate heading are discussed the most important issues of physiology and functional histomorphology of the respective endocrine glands. Nosological entities implicated are presented in compliance with the classical didactic scheme, with emphases laid on etiological factors, pathogenesis, pathophysiology and epidemiology at the actual state of art. Updated diagnostic and therapeutic schemes and algorithms, currently used methods of surgical and radiation therapy and the approaches to primary and secondary prophylaxis as well are outlined. Also, special attention is focused on a number of major borderline problems, such as endocrine hypertensions and cardiovascular hormonal factors, dyslipoproteinemais, gastrointestinal- tract hormones, polyglandular autoimmune syndromes and syndromes of multiple endocrine neoplasias.
The textbook is written by an authors' team including well affirmed Bulgarian specialists and lectures in the Clinical Center of Endocrinology and Gerontology - and from other departments of the Sofia Medical University and the Institute of Biophysics with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Apart from being a fundamental textbook contributing greatly to adequate training of future specialists-endocrinologists, it represents a valuable source of updated information on the specialists for endocrinologists in general, and will appeal to a wide public of specialists from other fields of clinical and preclinical medicine.
The authors wish to extend their deep gratitude to all contributors from the TILIA and BAN Publishing Houses for their active participation and valuable technical assistance in the process of preparing the manuscript for publication.
March 2000